A comprehensive view of data behind the Cook County Justice System

The Cook County Justice Audit is designed to support collaborative analysis and coordinated policymaking among stakeholders in the Cook County justice system as they work to

This site is an inaugural prototype of the fully envisioned system. It combines existing public data and selected data from stakeholder agencies to demonstrate the practical benefits of the Justice Audit’s systematic view across sectors. The next, fuller version of the Cook County Justice Audit will update data to 2018 and explore multiple dimensions in more depth, from caseloads to public trust. Crucially, it will be systematically updated each year so that stakeholders can monitor progress in the operations of the criminal justice system and identify opportunities for intervention.

Data Notes appear on nearly every page as a superscript to the title. They identify data sources and provide qualifications regarding the use, calculations, and interpretation of particular data. Unless otherwise indicated in data notes, all data is for the year 2016.

The Justice Audit is the product of a collaboration between the Bluhm Legal Clinic of the Northwestern Pritzker School of Law, The Loyola University of Chicago Center for Criminal Justice Research, Policy, and Practice, The Justice Mapping Center, DataMade, and the Governance & Justice Group, which created the Justice Audit concept.